Graduation 12 July 2013

So on 12 July 2013, I have finally graduated with a bachelor’s! Nothing to be happy or sad about although I kinda feel a little aimless at the moment. Have applied for about 50+ positions and have yet to receive a call for an interview. Applied to MOE just last week as an Allied Educator and am crossing my fingers and toes for a response. Went for STJob Fair yesterday at Marina Bay Sands (it was pretty all right) and passed my resume to Wildlife Reserves and Tan Tock Seng Hospital. Crossing my fingers that either one would call for an interview too (:

Been thinking if I ought to start a crépe and salad shop / an animal-assisted therapy service. Or maybe be a food blogger or a movie critic. What do you think? Not like anyone reads this blog anyway.

Moving on… I went to watch Pacific Rim at The Cathay and I must say that it was a ridiculous movie. The visual effects were good (not fantastic). To be honest, I had no clue what the movie was all about except that the characters in the movie had to combine the left and right hemispheres of two person’s brains via travelling back in time to gather their memories in a robot-like machine in order to attack monsters and to stop the time. These robot-like machines were known as Jaegers (pronounced as Yā-gers – it’s a German word). A few questions that came to my head was, “Why don’t they just use the gun to fire?! Why must they wait till the end to use the gun??” I walked out of the cinema feeling like an idiot because I was completely clueless. Action-packed movies are not my cup of tea. I must applaud the visual and sound effects though. It was pretty interesting to see the combination of vintage and modern weapons. Anyhow, I’d rather watch Addams Family and Phantom of the Opera. If only Les Misérables were to hold a live musical in Singapore, I’d definitely go. If not, I really wish I could go visit France! (:

All right. That’s it for this post. Need to do up my résumé and tidy up my room.

Till then,
Aüf wiedersehen (: