Running Man

Since I’m unable to sleep, I’ve decided to stay up and write this really random blogpost about my recent addiction to a particular Korean variety show i.e. Running Man (RM). Running Man is into its third year now since its inception by SBS in 2010. Those of you who watch Running Man should know that there are seven main characters (in no particular order): Kim Jong Kook (a.k.a. Commander/Tiger), Haroro (a.k.a. Haha), Lee Kwangsoo (a.k.a Giraffe), Song Jihyo (a.k.a. Blank Ace), Gary (a.k.a. Monday Couple with Jihyo), Yoo Jaesuk and Ji Suk-Jin. On top of these seven characters, there are different guests appearing on each new episode (which I’m guessing is to keep the program interesting and appealing). Guests include celebrities from CNBlue, Shine – Minho, soccer star Ku Jachoel and the infamous Jacky Chan. To be honest, I was never a fan of Running Man until I forced myself to sit and watch an episode, and the episode I happened to watch was this. A particular scene which had me cracking up was when Jong Kook and Haha were seated in the flying chair and they both had poses of “Iron Man” and “Batman” while being flung out. I must applaud those who sub each and every RM episode. The graphic displays and sound effects make each and every episode funny and funnier.

Watch RM or you’ll regret it! (: It’s gonna be a short post because I can’t really think how to form my sentences properly, and I can’t really think of any more ideas on what to write about RM.

Till next time…