Our society today

It’s not like anyone is going to read this blog, but I’m just gonna air my views (thoughts) that has been going through my mind anyway. But just to play safe, I’ll tell you what I’m most likely be talking about – how screwed up our society is today. So here we go…..

As I ponder about what’s happening around me, I’m amazed at everything that’s happening. Take for example a recent incident which happened to me not too long ago (a few days ago in fact). I was reprimanded by my mother for not washing the dishes, doing the laundry and sweeping the floor. On the other hand, my older brother got away with it without getting scolded. Obviously, as a girl who received an education, I would be furious (and I definitely am). I mean, who says that household chores are a girl’s job? I didn’t put myself through countless sleepless nights to finish up projects, assignments and do some last minute studying for exams just to get scolded for not doing my part as a girl i.e. household chores.

Let’s do a poll on this issue to see what people think. Leave a comment below to let me know your opinion on whether girls ought to do household chores despite holding down a full-time job or having a university education. I mean, if you think about it… Don’t you feel strange when you see a working couple return home at the end of a work day and the wife immediately assumes the position of a housewife by cooking dinner and cleaning the house while the husband lays back to watch the TV and read the papers. No? On the other hand, you may argue that since both the husband and wife are working, they can afford to buy dinner home which saves the wife the trouble of cooking and cleaning up.

I think that our society has ingrained in us this misconception that men and women ought to do jobs which are catered to their “strengths”. For example, you don’t really see that many male nurses in hospitals do you? Majority of nurses are females while majority of doctors are males. I guess that’s because we believe that females tend to be more nurturing as compared to males. I think that females are not naturally nurturing. What I believe is that females ought to learn how to nurture. Nobody is born how to nurture naturally. I think it’s safe to say that nobody is born how to talk immediately. Everything is learnt. The same goes in the construction industry – majority of workers are men. I’m not saying that you don’t see any females in the construction line. There are! But very few. Why? Because we were brought up to think that construction work is labour-intensive and should be left to men to do it.

To be honest, getting an education changes your perspective on reality. I’m really really thankful for being able to get an education and to even complete my university degree in a country where gender equality is more or less emphasised. When I think about girls like me getting an education in a country like Singapore, I feel extremely thankful and blessed to be able to go to school without fear. I always feel a pang of guilt whenever I complain about how tough school life is when other girls elsewhere are not so fortunate to even get a chance to go to school. According to The Times of India, two-thirds of children who are denied the right to an education are females. I really admire Malala Yousafzai, the 16 year old girl from Pakistan, India who was shot by the Taliban while fighting for the rights to an education for girls like her (she survived though, and was awarded the National Malala Peace Prize, so don’t worry!). To be honest, I believe it’s all about gender and equality. For the sake of clarity, I’ll be using the terms “men” and “women” in this post since I’m touching on gender. What I would love to know is – who said (or created the idea) that men are superior to women? It’s the society that we are living in that created this “norm”. We are brought up believing that men ought to be the ones in-charge of making decisions, earning money i.e. being the breadwinner etc, and women should stay at home to look after the household, raise kids and cook food. Girls who are not so fortunate to get an education do not know their rights. They do not know that they ought to get the same chance at education and freedom like any other boy. Hence, when my brother got away from doing household chores without getting scolded, I was boiling mad. I mean, who says that doing household chores should be left to women to do? I say that men ought to help out with the household chores too. (: I am blessed to have received an education which allowed me to think for myself, make my own decisions and to make sense of what’s going around me.

As for matters relating to mandatory enlistment for girls in the army, I’ll leave it for discussion for another day. But since we’ve touched on gender and equality, let me ask this question. Should medically-fit women be required to enlist just like any other medically-fit man based on gender equality? If yes, why? Let me know what other topics I should write about or if I ought to keep quiet and not post anything (: Heh!