Value that someone

We all meet different sorts of people everyday, and we place a value on that someone (be it a construction worker, toilet cleaner, café server, your boss/employer and the list goes on), but I encourage you to think really hard before placing that value because you will never know how that person is gonna change your life. On the other hand, what makes an individual a highly valuable person? In sports, they name a player who has an exceptional talent “Most Valuable Player” or MVP for short. I believe that everyone has the same value. In humanity, we all are the same. We are all humans. But to judge a person by placing a value on them i.e. to think that we are superior as compared to the other completely destroys the notion of being the same. We ought not to use our own values as a yardstick to compare ourselves against another. It’s really pointless because after all, we are all humans equipped with different sets of skills. I believe that we should make use of our differences and work together instead of focussing on what we don’t have. It doesn’t matter if you are of a different skin colour. What matters the most is the ability to work together.

Here’s a challenge (if you are up for it):-
Take a good look around you. When you walk past a stranger, take a moment and turn around. Turn around and get to know him/her before you actually place that value. You will be surprised at how much you can learn about yourself and how our society is today. Take a good look around you and you will realise that there’s so much more we can give. It’s not that difficult. You reap what you sow and I can guarantee that you will be blessed with even more than what you have given. Don’t be quick to judge others on their appearance, character, skin colour, race etc because you have absolutely no idea what that person has been through. (:

Think about your life and how you’re impacting that someone else.

Cheers! Have a blessed day ahead! (: