A Brand New Day / A Brand New Start

I witnessed something really disturbing yesterday while I was waiting in line to exit the control station at Harbourfront MRT. I didn’t want to think too much into the “incident” but I just can’t help but feel angry and sad for this particular individual. Okay so what exactly happened? Well, I noticed this SMRT lady security personnel scrutinising this Sikh man up and down as if he were a terrorist. And believe it or not, he wasn’t doing anything except talking on his mobile phone! What did he do to deserve being scrutinised up and down as if he’s gonna suddenly kill people with a bomb? The fact that he has to wear a turban and keep his beard because of his personal religious beliefs? Come on! You cannot possibly judge a person based on his appearance and religion or skin tone/facial hair etc. It’s not fair, right?

Just a follow-up article you guys might be interested in reading: Judge to Sikh Man: Remove “That Rag” | American Civil Liberties Union

I do hope that we, as humans, realise that we are all the same. The only mistake we made as humans is the reality that we were born in that particular country, where the society and culture taught us to differentiate what is okay (or right) and what isn’t. Correct me if I’m wrong but I really do think that it’s the attitude or character of others which we are unable to tolerate. We do not realise it ourselves but we tend to think or “label” the abilities/characters of others based on our knowledge and of their skin tone. For example, I may say that a Chinese person is good at kungfu because China has a rich history in the martial arts. I’m merely generalising and people tend to and may generalise in negative ways. Instead of saying that a Chinese person is good at kungfu, he/she may say that they are smelly because of the smelly tofu. Bad example but I cannot think of anything else at this unearthly hour to get my point across. So hopefully you guys get what I mean. (:

All right. I guess that ends this post. Hopefully we can learn to be more tolerant of each other starting right now (: