Local Singapore food

Met a really good friend of mine for a girl’s day out since it’s a Saturday and we both didn’t have any plans either. So we decided to head to Bugis Street and did our nails (; Say hey to cheap and awesome gellish nails! Cost us SGD$16 each.


Apart from doing our nails, we walked the entire Bugis Street and found plenty of nice clothes but since we didn’t have enough $$$ (or maybe we did but we didn’t wanna spend it), we really did try our very best to resist the temptation of buying the pretty clothes! (; Kudos to us! No shopping done today! Hehe. Bought some muahchee (refer to featured picture) because I had a terrible craving for it and since it cost SGD$2, why not?! It’s a sticky, chewy doughy-like “thing” eaten with crushed sugar peanut which is a local delicacy here in SG. Never doubt this snack! Comfort food for those who are stressed out with studying or had a tough day at work. Certainly perks you up! (; If only I could have this snack for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Totally awesome! Okay, i ought to hush now. Talking too much about nothing because I’m too excited to begin my new job on second December. (;

All right, have a good evening everybody!