imageOkay, as the title of this post goes… I desperately need to rant and get my frustrations over an issue off my chest. So what exactly happened, you may ask? I’ll tell you what happened. I got scammed/conned, even though I’ve told myself countless times never ever purchase things from these people. Well, I was having lunch at the National Library and this heavily tattooed guy came up to me and said that he just came out from jail and needed to feed his daughter. I saw the cert he was carrying and it had something along the lines of Hope. So heck. I wanted this guy to leave me alone so I gave him all my money in my wallet – eight bucks to be exact although he wanted ten bucks from me. i kept telling myself to reject him nicely but my actions did otherwise. I knew it was a scam at that moment because after he left, his accomplice immediately came from behind and asked me to buy a keychain from him as well. Like what the hell? I told him, “No, sorry I already got it from your friend”, and guess what he did? He didn’t even acknowledge my response and just walked away angrily. I feel so frustrated with myself over wasting my money especially since I’m really financially tight now. Eight bucks is a lot of money to me, and to think that I blew it all on that scammer guy when I knew I should have rejected him nicely. I could blame it on the time I went for lunch, and the table I sat at. I could have remained at the library instead of having lunch. Grr! I will never ever in my life have lunch alone in public spaces and neither will I ever support these kind of people ever. Learnt my lessonthe hard way even though I knew deep down, I should have said no.