It’s a Beautiful Day

Have you ever wonder what it’s like to be someone else just for a moment? Like your favourite celebrity or maybe a beggar living on the streets? I have never imagined how lucky I am till I had time to myself which I dutifully spent watching people and what they were doing. Passive researching. Probably not the best kind of research to undertake because you’re “silently intruding” into the personal space of others by watching their every move and how they interact with their friends. It would be very interesting though, to just behave like a beggar for one day and see how many people would actually stop to show their concern for your meals and welfare etc.

According to Daily Mail UK, this supposedly “homeless” dude pretended to be homeless for about three years. He was earning on average £50,000 a year and living in a £300,000 council flat in West London. Would you as a passerby, feel cheated if you found out that this man duped you into thinking he was homeless and hungry when in fact, he probably wasn’t? Personally, I would feel a little cheated but the article didn’t say what kind of job he was working as that commands a pay of £50,000 a year. For all I know, he could possibly be working as a beggar and earning that much a year.

Would you like to try being someone else for a day? Just to see how life and our society is like?