Hokkaido, Japan

I posted this entry to mark the 3-year anniversary of my family trip to Hokkaido, Japan back in December 2010. It was during the Christmas period which made the trip all the more memorable and worth it. The trip was by far the most memorable for me because in all my twenty years, I had my first encounter with real snow, and not some manmade snow at Snow City. I was so excited because I finally got the chance to touch real snow. I know you may think that I am weird for being so excited over snow but to be honest, having lived in a tropical country all my life, who wouldn’t be excited right? (: So there! I have it. I touched snow! I feel like it’s a major achievement for me after 20 years. I’ll let the photos do the talking. And by the way, WordPress is taking an awfully long time to upload the photos, so I just picked a few out of random. I’m sucha WordPress noob. The media file has so many duplicate photos, and I’ve no idea how to delete or arrange them! Lol, anyway… feast your eyes on the snowwwww and pretty scenery! (;

Thick layer of snow above my ankle. So smooth and fluffy! (; © youcanfindsandra 2013


Botak tree! © youcanfindsandra 2013


I forgot where this photo was taken but yeah. Check out the snow (& scenery)! © youcanfindsandra 2013


My mom, brother and I (: © youcanfindsandra 2013


Bare trees (again!) in the winter. Daytime is extremely short. Turns dark at around 4-ish in the afternoon. © youcanfindsandra 2013


Hakodate Rusama-ya sweets. Their biscuits with a thin layer of vanilla filling is really one of a kind delicious! I hope Takashimaya brought it in this Christmas! (; © youcanfindsandra 2013


Stopover for lunch. Ramen! (: We tried Ajisen Ramen. Not bad at all. Since they had a full house, they gave us piping hot tea while we waited outside in the snow. © youcanfindsandra 2013


Overlooking one of the many lakes surrounding Hokkaido. This is Lake Toya if I remember correctly. © youcanfindsandra 2013


The chapel behind the main convent. © youcanfindsandra 2013


Apparently, this is Hokkaido’s one and only convent (I think!). They handmake souvenirs to raise funds for the nunnery. They also sell ice cream which was really good! © youcanfindsandra 2013

Tensile Strength 283

Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree! (; © youcanfindsandra 2013

Tensile Strength 309

Welcome to Hokkaido! © youcanfindsandra 2013

Tensile Strength 280

Merry Christmas – handcrafted with love from Starbucks © youcanfindsandra 2013

Tensile Strength 264

Eyecandy sundaes. Very expensive! If you had a closer look, there’s a sundae which costs about 1400yen. That’s equivalent to SGD$28! Just a rough guide: 100yen = SGD$2 © youcanfindsandra 2013

Tensile Strength 245

This is the Sapporo (Illuminate?) Lights. Not sure of the spelling. © youcanfindsandra 2013

Tensile Strength 241

A very cute mini treetop house. © youcanfindsandra 2013

Tensile Strength 189

We reached just on time to catch the musical timepiece performance. © youcanfindsandra 2013

Tensile Strength 185

White chocolate factory where we bought loads of goodies! (: There’s a toy museum on the second floor too.© youcanfindsandra 2013

Tensile Strength 163

Kiroro Snow World! One of the best snow resorts in the world (apparently).© youcanfindsandra 2013

Tensile Strength 179

Lovely snow outside the lobby of Kiroro Snow World.© youcanfindsandra 2013

Tensile Strength 181

Random photo of the building. Loving the architecture.© youcanfindsandra 2013

Tensile Strength 184

Botak trees and darkening skies in the late afternoon.© youcanfindsandra 2013

Tensile Strength 159

Playing around in the snow. Gosh the snow was so glaring, I had to keep my shades on the entire time I was out playing.© youcanfindsandra 2013

Tensile Strength 151

Mini snowman!© youcanfindsandra 2013

Tensile Strength 125

Le Tao cheesecake. This has got to be the best cheesecake I’ve ever eaten! I really do hope Takashimaya has it for this Christmas season.© youcanfindsandra 2013

Tensile Strength 124

Baking of cheesecake in progress. See how pretty the colours are?© youcanfindsandra 2013

Tensile Strength 123

Macaroon Christmas tree! (: © youcanfindsandra 2013

Tensile Strength 112

Guess what? These are musical boxes! (: Looks very realistic eh? © youcanfindsandra 2013

Tensile Strength 094

Owls! © youcanfindsandra 2013


Scenery and more scenery! © youcanfindsandra 2013


This building actually belongs to an ancient Emperor who used to live there.© youcanfindsandra 2013


Bright lights and glaring snow.© youcanfindsandra 2013


Momsie / Brother / I © youcanfindsandra 2013


Chocolate ice cream! © youcanfindsandra 2013


Loving the contrast of the white snow and mountains and bare trees! © youcanfindsandra 2013


Botak trees and bright sunshine! (; © youcanfindsandra 2013


Deep footprints in the snow. Check out the depth! © youcanfindsandra 2013


Casually taking photos of the scenery while trekking up Mount Usu.© youcanfindsandra 2013


Walking across a bridge! (; © youcanfindsandra 2013


Up, up and away! Most tiring walk ever. Couldn’t breathe once I reached the top of Mount Usu. Literally out of breath and almost fainted. Must be the cold air.© youcanfindsandra 2013


Gosh! Look at the flight of steps to get to the top. Aiyo! © youcanfindsandra 2013


Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow! © youcanfindsandra 2013


Mount Usu Outer Rim mountain trail.© youcanfindsandra 2013


At the top of Mount Usu.© youcanfindsandra 2013


At the top of Mount Usu, overlooking Hokkaido! Breathtaking isn’t it? © youcanfindsandra 2013

Tensile Strength 072

Chocolate and vanilla ice cream! Yum! © youcanfindsandra 2013

IMG_4788 copy

Me and my ice cream. Got to be careful though. Vultures/crows perched on the trees waiting to grab the ice cream.© youcanfindsandra 2013

Ah hello! (: You’ve made it to the end of the post. I spent a good two hours waiting for the photos to be uploaded and captioning each and every photo. Okay, so it’s bedtime for me now. Hello first of December! I’m starting work at a new job tomorrow. Excited and nervous! Wish me luck for tomorrow. Will update this space on how my first day of work went tomorrow.