If only Christmas was everyday…

I thought to myself, “Why is Christmas so overrated?” People give gifts to those who matter, and to be honest, I haven’t gotten any gifts the last few years (I lost count!). What’s up with getting people gifts? Yes, I know it’s the excitement of opening them, and seeing if you got what you wanted, but that makes me feel as if it’s my birthday yet again. Pointless. I mean, if only we could make Christmas an everyday event, and not just a once-a-year thing. Life would be so much more meaningful. How often do we give people stuff? Not just the physical things, but the emotional things? How often do we extend our help to others? We often take what we have for granted, that we fail to realise how fortunate we are. I was at the shopping mall just last week, walking around aimlessly to kill time, and I saw this disabled man in a wheelchair. He was all alone, maneuvering himself about, and getting the help from this young lady not older than 18 to snap photos of him posing with the Christmas memorabilia. People were happily chattering around him with their families and friends, and completely ignoring him. Nobody offered to help him push his wheelchair when he faced some difficulty. Only when he did have trouble, the young lady who was probably working there helped him out. Then again, she could have done more to help him. I watched her stand aside when he had trouble going up a ramp, and only after two minutes of trying, only then did I step in and told the girl that she ought to be more proactive in helping, and ahowed her how. Why can’t we be more proactive in helping others? I mean, the least we could do is to offer our assistance to those who need them most. Empathy. We ought to be empathetic, and compassionate. So what if others give you the death stare for helping a smelly beggar? We are all humans, and we have feelings. So do animals. Everything that has breath has feelings, and we should use that to help our neighbours i.e. Those around us. Never look down on the person next to you. You might just need his or her help when you least expect it.

Have a good Christmas everyone. Remember, share the love. Christmas isn’t about gifts. It’s about giving what you can. Blessed Christmas and namaste.

Let everything that has breath praise the Lord.