Funding for my around-the-world trip in 2015

I’m writing this entry in hopes that I can make my dream of travelling around the world come true. I don’t normally use blogging as a means to help raise funds, but as time is of the essence, I’m desperately trying to raise as much money as I can. So if you can help, I’d really appreciate your help! My objective of travelling around the world in 2016 would be to use my social and analytical skills I gained during my study of Sociology to teach and help people as well as to contribute to their society and to learn more about the culture of the country I’m in by living with the locals. Given the opportunity, I would very much love to help train animals, and turn them into useful beings by helping the disabled and elderly and those who are facing problems such as depression, drug addiction etc. This is known as animal-assisted therapy. I love helping people and putting a smile on their faces as this gives me a sense of satisfaction. As such, please help me realise my dream of training animals to help people.

I do hope to raise enough money by December 2015 so that I can prepare for the trip around the world in 2016. If anyone has tips on anything, let me know! I’d most likely be working with but not limited to people in a medical facility, hospitals, zoos, clinics etc.

Drop me an email or leave a comment here. Would love to hear from you lovely peeps on how I should go about raising funds, tips on what to look out for during my trip and basically anything else which is interesting (:


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