People and their manners

So I was on my way home from work today and I while I was on the bus, I encountered a number of odd(?), behaviours. Firstly, living in a country which is very densely populated is tough and stressful enough. Singapore is merely 42.5 square kilometeres big, and we have over five million people living and working here. High rise buildings and skyscrapers are a norm. Apparently, we are one of the fastest walking people on earth too. Go google it. So anyway, people in Singapore wants things done real quick, at the snap of your finger. Pronto! MacDonald’s fast! Sounds stressful? Yes, it is indeed. Imagine the terrible morning rush hour to work. The same thing repeats itself in the evening. So back to where I’m about to tell you my first weird (and annoying) encounter. This middle-aged woman (she’s about 40), stood way too close to me. I’m practically squashed next to the glass windows of the bus and the people in front of me, and she happened to be right in front of my eyes. So there she was, slouching and using her mobile phone. Completely ignorant that she was standing too close for comfort and invading my privacy boundary. The bus was cruising along just fine, and then the driver did an emergency brake and guess what happened? She stepped on my foot TWICE with her heels without apologising. I’m pretty sure you would know when you’ve stepped on someone and would immediately apologise. But I’m utterly shocked that this woman didn’t apologise at all. And to add, she was standing so close to me, I could smell her stinky curly maggie noodle hair. What is wrong with my fellow countrymen? What happened to proper manners?! Gosh!

Second encounter on the same bus:-
This lady boarded the bus with her young daughter who didn’t look any older than seven or eight years of age. All was fine until I overheard the woman tell her daughter, “Don’t bother saying excuse me. Just push your way through the crowd. That’s the best way.” I was shocked! So I took this opportunity to give my death stare which I don’t do very often. Here I am practicing ethnocentrism (: Judging others based on my own values. Sighs, what are parents teaching their kids these days? What happened to good manners?

Last encounter on the bus journey home:-
I noticed this handsome 20ish young man sitting next to a 50+ year old man (probably his father). What struck me was that he’s just like any normal looking young lad, but he had some behaviour problems. Not those extreme kind of behaviours but the kind where he makes noises and touches everything he can lay his hands on. He will see people and gargle at them. So people on the bus were looking and rolling their eyes at him as though he had a mental problem. This pissed me off quite a fair bit because who are you to judge someone based on their physical attributes and behaviours? You’re not perfect. Nobody is. Some people are not so fortunate and are born with special needs. While you’re born normal, take a moment to remember that you’re really blessed to be a normal functioning individual. I can’t stand it when people glare and look down on those with special needs who display odd behaviours in public. It’s not as if these people want to be like that. They just are. So stop behaving and treating them as though they are weird people because it’s not nice at all!

Three different incidents on the same bus. I’m learning something new each day. How to better manage my emotions and feelings towards others.

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