My 24th birthday

Writing this belated post about my 24th birthday on 6 February. It was a very special day because in the Chinese calendar, it’s the seventh day of the lunar new year which means it’s also everybody’s birthday. You guessed it right! I celebrated double birthdays (; So to mark the start of my birthday(s), I had to work (inserts sad face). How bad could things go, right? Anyway, on my way to work in the morning, I helped a blind lady get out of the train station and to her workplace which was in a different direction from mine. Halfway, she thanked me for guiding her and asked me to get someone else to help her cross the road so I could head off to work on time. To my disappointment, everyone I approached declined to offer their help. I was starting to feel frustrated and disappointed with the human race and wondered where on earth did all the kindness go to. I thought to myself, “What the f*** is wrong with you guys?! Y’all are crossing in the same direction as the blind lady and you don’t wanna offer your help?!” Just then, a good samaritan came to the rescue and tapped on my shoulder to offer her assistance. My faith in humanity has been restored. Felt blessed. Be thankful for what you have.

Got a cake from a colleague and lunched at a korean restaurant (will post photos soon after editing). I know I won’t post them. Always procrastinating. Just like the CNY photos of pineapple tarts! Haven’t posted them till now. Anyway, this time, I will definitely post my birthday photos. So what happened after I got off from work? I met my dearest other half for dinner at Marina Bay Sands – Au Chocolat. Ordered the wrong dish and hated it. It was pretty expensive, and not worth the money spent. But it was an experience. I learnt something new – not all expensive things are good. Will post photos of the food another time. Maybe tonight! Heh. After dinner, we walked to the Floating Platform where the River Hongbao festivities were going on. It felt very much like the night market in Taiwan with all the street food/snacks and crowds and games. Photos will be up soon! Yes yes you get the idea. Photos. Haha! Anyway, got to go! Look out for the photos tonight! I promise!


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