Having a Singapore passport remains one of the most welcomed in this world

According to the Straits Times, having a Singapore passport grants you access to 167 out of 212 countries surveyed for the latest Visa Restrictions Index. How amazing is that? I never thought that holding onto a Singapore passport could open up access to so many countries. This is one of the many privileges that I’ve always neglected. It’s time to be thankful for every little thing I have.

I’m blessed to be holding on to such a very much sought-after travel document. But then again, I know that many people across the globe are vying for the Singaporean passport because of its privileges. So much so that they are flocking over to work and gain permanent residency. I don’t mind foreigners flocking to work here but please be nice! Don’t stick your noses up in the air and flaunt your haughty attitude. You are on foreign soil and this is not your home country. So please show some respect to the locals. (;