Land of Smiles

Took a trip to the Land of Smiles from 22-26 May 2014 and it was a great trip. I wish we extended the trip for another five days though. I could live in Thailand forever. Anyway, when we got to the hotel, we were informed that there was a new rule – curfew was imposed which means we have to be back to the hotel before 10pm or else the military will check our passports. Anyway, shops began closing for the day at around 7:45pm and 95% of shops were closed by 9pm. Can you imagine that? The only time we stayed out past the curfew was when we went to meet my university friend at her hotel. Bought some street food downstairs her hotel and went up to eat. We only went back to the hotel close to midnight. There were still quite a number of people around on the streets though. Managed to buy two bags from the street stalls (S$6 each). I think I shopped a lot but I could have bought even more stuff if my legs weren’t breaking because I wasn’t wearing proper shoes. Can you imagine walking around on uneven roads for one whole day in a pair of thin woven slippers bought from the streets for only S$1.90? Legs and feet confirm break. Which was why I felt so good when we stepped into a massage parlour for a one hour foot massage (S$7.80). I was ready to hit the streets again but sadly, I didn’t see any nice stuff to buy. I’m such a fickle minded person because I tend to buy stuff which I like a lot and will wear often.

Anyway, will be uploading photos soon! Didn’t manage to take a lot because most of the time I was feeling hot and cranky and sweaty and angry at the weather. Tune in for some photos within the next few days!


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