Today is MC day!

I woke up this morning like any other day, but only to find myself down with a bad throat, slight fever, runny nose and itchy feet and hands. Felt so achy all over. Had to call in sick for work (thank God!). I’m guessing my hands and feet are itchy because I spent 4-5 hours at Sentosa digging at the sand to prepare for a friend’s proposal. Had a possible “allergy” reaction to the sand. Not too sure if it’s correct to label it as “allergy” but I guess the coarse sand was too much for my skin to handle. Had trouble falling asleep last night because the weather was so hot and humid. Took a shower twice to no avail. Had the fan blowing at full speed (that explains my runny nose). To make things worse, my feet was so itchy, I felt like scratching till they bled. Tried using alcohol swabs to soothe the itchiness which only helped for a few seconds before the itchiness returned. ): Anyway, somehow I miraculously managed to fall asleep, and woke up because it started to rain and the thunder kinda frightened me (LOL!). I know what you’re thinking… I’m an adult now but still get frightened by thunder. But hey! The thunder was frighteningly loud and sudden okay.

All right. I’m still itching on my feet. Gotta head down to pay a visit to the doctor. Sighs more money gone.


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