Adaptability – Ways to cope with stress

Went back to office today after being cooped up at home the past two days and had a hard time clearing emails and figuring out how to prioritise my stuff on the to-do list. Came to a point where my head started throbbing from an ebbing headache which crept up on me so slow and steady, I had no idea until I felt myself reaching for some paracetamol in the drawer. Took a toilet break to destress and came across this article on how people adapt to changes. I guess this is the one thing people should know to lead happier lives – by leaning how to adapt to changes in the environment. When life throws you lemons, squeeze them over a hearty plate of fish and chips (hehehe!). I ought to learn how to cope with stress. Stress management 101 maybe? Will figure out some tips in my next post. So tune in for that! (: