Dyshidrosis Eczema

Disclaimer: If you have a weak stomach, kindly refrain from scrolling all the way down to view the photos of my toes covered in dyshidrosis eczema. Many thanks!

Was down with a sore throat which got better during the day after spamming myself with salt water. To be honest, I think almost everyone probably hates being down with sore throat because it’s so difficult to swallow food. And to make things worse, I love eating! I’m not sure if I can survive without food but I would rather fall sick with other sicknesses than sore throat any day. I would rather have chickenpox and high fever but please don’t let me have sore throat. I wanna eat my food!

Ok besides that point on sore throat – I went to the doctor today to complain about my headache and fever and sore throat and the itchiness on my hands and feet. Got some lozenges (the kind that makes your tongue numb) and Voltaren for my headache and a tube of steroid cream for anti-microbial growth. Apparently, the “bubbles” are actually blisters also known as Dyshidrosis Eczema. The causes are unknown but doctors believe that you have a greater chance of developing the condition if you are experiencing a high level of stress or have an allergic reaction. Initially, it was thought to be caused by having sweaty feet and hands… But it’s now known that sweaty hands and feet does not lead to a breakout of dyshidrosis eczema. Work stress or contact with naturally occurring metals/salts like cobalt, chromium or nickel are more likely to cause the breakout. Did you know that dyshidrotic eczema occurs twice as often in women as in men?! Something new for me.

So how would you know if you have dyshidrotic eczema? Well, firstly you will notice blisters on your fingers, in between your toes, hands and/or feet. The blisters might be more common on the sides of these areas and will most likely be filled with a clear fluid/liquid. Usually these blisters will be very very very itchy (similar to chicken pox) and this may cause your skin to flake subsequently. Some people have noted that the affected areas become cracked and are too painful to touch. Gosh, imagine the pain of not being able to touch or scratch. ): Anyway, I guess that even though you scratch the affected areas, there’s nothing much to be done because even after scratching, the itchiness won’t disappear pronto. I’ve attached three (3) photos here for you to see how the blisters/bubbles look like. Yes, as I’m typing this entry right now, my toes are itching damn badly. It feels like a million mozzie bites or some fungal growth on the sides of my toes. I wanna scratch but it’s pretty disgusting. Alcohol swabs are not working so my last option would be to use the steroid anti-microbial cream from the doctor. Sighs, so itchy!

So here it goes… DISCLAIMER: Kindly refrain from scrolling any further. Disturbing photos lie ahead. You may proceed at your own will but please don’t faint or throw up. If you do, I sincerely apologise.


Check out the blisters at the side of my big toe. Pretty ugly sight eh? It’s a little swollen and I feel really uncomfortable just looking at the photo. I can’t believe it’s actually my foot (lol!).



A better view as compared to the first photo. The skin around the toe is inflammed and red. P.S. The alcohol swabs actually did help to sooth the itchiness. It “killed” the germs/bacterial growth around the area so it actually did work!

Updated as of 27 June 2014 (Friday)

I’m actually very thankful it’s the weekend, so I can wear my flip-flops out to air my toes. And oh! I received my driver’s licence in the mail today! (:


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