Sometimes, I think I lived in the animal kingdom in my previous life

Let me introduce to you guys, a couple of kitties that I’ve grown attached to.

These two cats have been living in my neighbourhood (just down the street) for the last two months, and I’ve grown overly-attached to both kitties. Sadly, I can’t bring them home to look after them because I’m not allowed to (my mom hates furry creatures).The ginger kitty loves to eat while the shabby-looking kitty loves to cuddle up against your legs if you let her (she’ll automatically come up to you and welcome you by rubbing against your leg). How cute is that, right? Anyway, while I was walking to the supermarket today, I encountered the kitties and played with them for a while before going on my way to get my groceries. Decided to buy a tin of Whiskers cat food (S$1.95), and fed the cats. They chowed down like they haven’t eaten in days. Poor things! ): It pains my heart to see stray animals without access to proper food and water and a loving home. Sometimes, I really think that I lived in an animal kingdom back in my previous life lol. Maybe in the near future, when I have my own home, holding down a stable job with a stable income, I’ll fill my home with kitties and puppies and whatnot. I’ll be in heaven! I’ll make sure the animals under my care receive all the attention they want and I’ll ensure that they can be used as a therapy tool to cheer people up (: