Evolve Mixed Martial Arts

As I write this entry, I’m feeling a tinge of guilt and depressed (maybe?), and achy all over (including my butt and bank account). Last night, I went for a 30-minute complimentary class at Evolve Mixed Martial Arts @ PoMo, and ended up spending a whopping S$3198.16 for a twelve month membership which allows me to attend unlimited classes for a year. Any class ranging from muay thai to Brazilian jujitsu and boxing and even wrestling. Plus, I get a full set of Brazilian jujitsu uniform. The downside though, is that, although it’s unlimited classes, I have to start from the beginner level i.e. I can only attend the beginner classes unlimited. I can’t attend the intermediate or advanced unless I get promoted by the instructors. But hey! I still got to start somewhere right? Baby steps. Also, I’m limited to just evening classes after work. ):

Anyway, the reason why I’m feeling a tad depressed is because I don’t have much savings left after paying off the fees. To be honest, I’m left with roughly 1.7k savings? Yes, after working for 9 months, that’s how much I have saved. Pretty depressing but yeah. Most of my money went to paying for my driver’s license as well. I guess this gives me a reason to stay on with the current company I’m working for, for another year before I rethink my decision to resign. Can’t wait for 2nd December 2015! (:

So back to the story. I really enjoyed the muay thai class though. Felt really good kicking and punching the instructor who, by the way, was a former Thai world champ. I saw the number of belts and medals he had in the photo, and almost went cockeyed. His name is Chalee Soi Chaitamin.

Hopefully, I can make my money worth it by attending classes faithfully. Discipline is key. But it’s hard when you’re working full time. Sighs.