Goodbye my 4-year old Macbook Pro

As I write this post, I’m feeling really upset at the thought of losing my dear four year old MacBook Pro in exchange for four hundred bucks. I’m disappointed with Apple because the charger failed on me, and I ended up having to sell my beloved MacBook away because I saw no point in wasting an additional hundred bucks to get a new charger when I know I’m bound to get another new Macbook sooner or later.

So yes, I’m laptop-less at the moment, and am using my iPad to type this entry. I feel helpless yet sad and angry with myself for “abandoning” the macbook pro which has served me so well for the past four years. Plus, it has my colourful sticker labels still on! ): And the old Apple logo. Huge sighs.

Can I wish for a new Macbook Pro with retina display (256gb) for Christmas please? I’m really feeling down, and helpless. I hope there’s a really kind Santa out there who’s willing to gift my request. (:


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