I’m back!

Hello there! I guess I’m back to clear up this dusty blog. I must admit, many things have happened since I was on a month long hiatus. Been working out at the gym almost every other day the past nine weeks, and injured myself countless times. In case you guys didn’t know, I joined the Evolve gym and have been doing Muay Thai the past few weeks with fellow Muay Thai enthusiasts and world champs (with plans on going on to do brazilian jiujitsu), and I really like the classes a lot. Classes are conducted in a fun and safe environment, so I have no idea how I injured myself especially my lower back. Currently undergoing chiropractic sessions from Dr. Alex Karaplis, who has been really helpful in providing valuable advice. Hopefully, I’ll remember to cover more about my chiropractic sessions in the next post.

Going forward, the first couple of Muay Thai sessions caused my front calf bones to hurt a lot from kicking the sand bags. But soon after, I kinda got used to the pain. As soon as I got used to the pain, I sprained my right ankle -.- Good job! Well done! I recovered soon after, and now (as I’m typing), I’m suffering from a terrible lower back pain on the right side. It hurts so bad, I can hardly walk normally. When I do walk, I’m imitating the way a duck waddles. Had to take painkillers to ease the pain. Did stretching exercises and it helped for a while, but went back to hurting again. This is why I had no option but to go for chiropractic sessions to help ease the pain.

I missed gym the past four days (& I doubt I can attend anymore classes for the whole of next week), and a part of me feels really horrible, jealous and angry. I feel like I’m wasting my hard earned money and effort. Like, my efforts in toning up and building up my stamina is going down the drain slowly as the days go by without me attending classes. I try to make up for the time lost by doing sit ups and pushups at home, but it just isn’t the same because of my back injury.

Anyway, if you have any ideas or useful advice that you think might be helpful to me in alleviating my lower back pains, I would really appreciate it.

Till next time, see you! (:


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