Sights and Sounds

My alarm clock abruptly rings, jolting me awake from my deep slumber. A rooster crows in the distance as I reached out to snap the alarm shut. I open one eye to check the time – it’s 7am, and I hear people mumbling the last of their dreams as they tried to get out of bed. A twist of the tap, and the sound of gushing water followed. I lay in bed for a few moments, and gazed at the ceiling, listening to the sounds of running water, gargling and spitting.

A soft moan slipped out from my dry parched mouth as I tumbled out of bed, and stumbled towards the washroom. My body felt sore and made of lead, almost as if someone had beaten me up the night before. I made a mental note not to overwork at the gym next time. It definitely felt good releasing the tension and stress built up from work by kicking and punching the sandbags, but my body doesn’t seem to be able to catch up with the recovery.

*To be continued…


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