Pause & Reflect

Recently, I’ve been going through many ups and downs in my life and causing hurt to my loved ones. Not intentionally though. It’s been a really rough period for the first quarter of 2016, I’m not sure where to even begin. So much has happened, I can’t express my thoughts into words.

Well, I guess as a first step – I’ve been having emotional breakdowns every other day. I have no idea why or what caused me to breakdown but the rollercoaster emotions just comes and goes. It’s really tiring to feel down one moment, and happy the next. I can’t predict my feelings or what’s going to happen next. Things have been pretty bad to the extent that my other half is starting to drift away from me in terms of feelings, and I’m not performing too good at work in terms of social skills with my colleagues.

It’s tough to figure out my emotions and… general thoughts and actions, and how it might affect those around me but I guess I got to take things slow and easy from here.

Till next time, cheers!

Yours truly.


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